Indian PET Bottle Manufacturing industry

The Indian manufacturing industry operates in a highly competitive global marketplace, with increasing competition from low-cost producers, global sourcing, fewer supply chains and the emergence of low-cost base economies as global manufacturing centers.

In spite of these challenges, there are opportunities for businesses to grow in the Indian industry of manufacturing PET packaging and LED Lights. The goal of Shakti Industry's Manufacturing Flagship is to create new or significantly transform existing high value-adding, quality-oriented sectors to improve the future competitiveness of product manufacturing industry by delivering high quality custom designed Product Solutions by 2020.

The Aim of Future Manufacturing Flagship

  • Shakti Industry's Future Manufacturing Flagship will provide transformational innovation for the Indian PET and Lighting Industry.
  • Help existing high value segments of the organization become more competitive in national supply chains
  • Develop globally competitive LED lighting, and packaging products.
  • Identify next generation fabricated devices.
  • Capture value from technology for new materials
  • Develop new products and processes exhibiting low environmental footprint and other emission targets.
  • Consider health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Shakti Industry's Future Manufacturing Flagship will incorporate more competitive research and development strengths, and enable outcomes that will enhance the manufacturing value chain, deliver high value, quality oriented products to global markets.