Thrive to achieve superior quality

Shakti's all the products, LED lights, PET perfoms, PET bottles, and commercial moulding are second to none in the industry.

Our LED Products manufacturing follows stringent quality parameters keeping in mind the consumers, and this all comes out with a reliable R&D assistance. Shakti Industries Invested in a world class infra for R&D along with latest equipements like HAAS-1200 spectroradiometer,Integrating spheres, CC&CV DC Power supply, Surge tester, Digital power meter and many more. The Expertise of our core team with a combination of latest equipments always helps us to stand a step ahead in industry.

Our PET products are transparent and hygienic which is good in the food and beverage sector. They make consumers happy to see “what’s inside” and reassure them about the perfect preservation of food and beverage.
At Shakti, we know how the fruit of hard-earned research and experience, has made continuous improvement in our products. This is how we are able to meet clients’ needs.
Tireless in its search for quality, Shakti Industries has continuously invested in more advanced technologies in production units of LED lighting and PET products, and improved both people and structures: more specialised people and more modern plants.

Shakti's investment in R&D, and constant monitoring of the main market trends, guarantees its clients the possibility of choosing from among a large range of standard items or of personalising the product on the basis of their own needs.

It is the process of constant innovation (involving the development of items already on offer and working out new proposals) and experience gained in diversed markets (leading to development of a high degree of know-how both ecologically and in design), that have made it possible for Shakti Industries to propose a range of items that is always in step with the market demand.