Shakti Industry's PET products

Shaki Industries has recently developed the new PET Bottle & Preform line in response to the ever growing needs of a market asking more and more for plastic packaging. These preforms are used in the pharma, distillery, packaged drinking water and syrups sector and can satisfy both manufacturers and consumers as to price, handiness and appearance.They are manufactured through the injection-stretch-and-blow technique and they can be customised with multiple tailor-made special shapes.

But Shakti Industry's endeavours do not stop here: as a matter of fact, in the aim of launching into the market even more performing containers, the R&D department has constantly been developing its ideas for new PET products. This material enabled to obtain PET bottles with enhanced oxygen-barrier properties while maintaining a good transparency.

As a matter of fact, the oxygen-barrier properties compared to those of the standard PET are recorded to be enhanced up to 10 folds. PET jars have been targeted at the food market, in particular to fill sauces and dips, since thanks to the barrier properties of this special PET they can ensure a reduced oxygen passage by thus safeguarding the product shelf-life.

Both PET Bottles and PET jars are food grade materials in compliance with Indian FDA & BIS standards and are chemically inert. The perfect product preservation in a food grade and transparent container satisfies and reassures the beverage industry, which is moving towards a gradual replacement of glass with the more functional PET bottles.